What does it mean to work in innovation?

Sarah Goss is the Head of Strategy and Innovation at Ericsson. Amazingly, she holds this role in a part-time capacity from within Ericsson's well designed and seemingly calm open plan office situated on the Docklands waterfront.

Sarah's successful career at Ericsson can be attributed to her bold initiatives within a company which fosters female emerging talent, job sharing and women in leadership. We loved the designer coccoon chairs and "cone of silence" telephone booth amongst this light-filled, waterfront office.

Perched in a cluster of electric blue designer chairs, we chatted to Sarah about her career journey at Ericsson, which has spanned for over a decade. When asked what had kept her there for so long, she replied as if sharing a secret with us: "Everybody does here". Sarah spoke about a company language of family and community along with an openness to re-think traditional working structure, "I think its a Scandinavian thing," she added.

After having her first child, Sarah and another colleague pioneered a job sharing arrangement where they held joint accountability for a senior leadership role. Sarah and her colleague later received recognition as one of Australia’s Top 5 Powerful Part-Timers. Despite this, Sarah was very modest when asked about her success and instead explained to us her passion for developing other people. 

We asked Sarah her thoughts about her role at Ericsson, read her answers below.
















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Sarah Goss completed the RMIT Bachelor of Business (Marketing), 1999.

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