Welcome to Movember Head quarters

We recently visited Mark Buzza at the Movember Foundation where he is the Director of Global Biomedical Research Programs. The Movember head quarters is ingrained with an impressive barber themed interior styling, includes an office bar and moustache themed meeting rooms.

Originally founded by two mates wanting to bring the moustache back into fashion and raise awareness for mens health, the Movember foundation helps men live happier, healthier, longer lives. The company’s origins of mateship is reflected in this office jammed with culture and a profound feeling of comradery. 


Mark graduated from the RMIT Executive MBA with distinction, and is one of the friendliest people that you could meet. He brings a real energy of positivity and enthusiasm, and it is clear to see how much he believes in his role, and the vision of the Movember Foundation - to change the face of mens health.

Mark is very clearly represented in the DNA of the Movember HQ, you can spot him in posters lining the walls of the office bar, or pictured in a previous promotion of the degree he studied at RMIT, likening him to Eric Zoolander. While it is clear that he is an integral part of the company, he is not alone, and the significance of the Movember team is impossible to ignore. Amidst photo collages along the walls from office parties, or  displaying their impressive moustache growing skills, this is a company that values their team and makes sure they know it.

We asked Mark about his expeience working at Movember, read his thoughts below.


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Mark Buzza completed the RMIT Executive Master of Business Administration (2007).

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