Entangled States - Ele Misko

Ele Misko is an RMIT graduate and the founder of jewelry label Misko. Her fourth collection was recently photographed at the RMIT Design Hub, resulting in a beautiful set of images showcasing her stunning, handmade designs.  

Entangled States is a collection that grapples with the incomprehensible; inspired by what may exist. Searching for new habitable planets and finding truth in new time space realities, it imagines the cosmological and the universal.

Based in Melbourne, all pieces are handmade from the finest quality precious metals, gems, pearls and diamonds. All materials are sourced from the local trade district in the CBD where the Misko Studios reside.

The collection delves into how our shape and form might evolve in a slightly different atmosphere. Keshi pearls morph into metal as metal morphs into pearl. Gems appear in two places at the same time, or in unlikely channels that alter our perception of what exists where and when. Pieces can be spun, drawn, wrapped, stacked and flipped in an ever expanding creation. It reaches towards the celestial while grounded in the elemental.

The collection is available on the online store, in the Misko showroom and various stockists Australia & worldwide. Everything can also be customised upon request.