Amir Faraji

Amir Faraji is the founder of Muggino. Muggino keeps both hot and cold drinks at your preferred temperature zone, moderated by your smartphone. It also charges itself using waste heat and re-charges your devices. Muggino has just launched a Kickstarted Campaign to back this incredible product.


Where did you get the idea for your business?

This idea came to me when I was working on my PhD project at RMIT. My PhD is about thermoelectric energy harvesting using solar energy. Then I worked on that idea and made an initial prototype and then decided to establish my own business to manufacture Muggino here.

What challenges have you faced in the developmental phase?

Oh, many many challenges! From finding a right person for the industrial design of Muggino to research and finding the best and more efficient materials for making it. But the most frustrating obstacle, of course, was financial. I contacted several governmental sections to get some minor assistance for the developmental phase which unfortunately did not result in a single dollar of help! I supplied all financial needs by my family and my own savings, amounting to more than hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What are your top 3 tips for others wanting to start a business?

Start with simple things
Resilience at work
Find the right workmate



Following on your Kickstarter campaign, where to next?

Start manufacturing of Muggino here (NOT China!)


Do you have a marketing strategy to help promote Muggino?

Yes, I do and I'm working to improve it to help promote Muggino.


Amir Faraji is a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Mechanical Engineering; Thermoelectric and Solar, a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Casual Lecturer at RMIT. He is willing to answer your questions about starting a new business, Find him in the Members section.

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"Start with simple things" - Amir Faraji, founder of Muggino.
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