Konrad Spilva

Konrad Spilva Co-Founded Visual Jazz which was later sold to a major International Communications company where he is now the CEO of Isobar Australia.


What is your greatest career highlight?

Starting our agency straight out of university in my mate’s spare bedroom, building it over 7 years and then going on to sell the business to Australia’s largest media group (at the time in 2008) was an amazing ride and a highlight that’s hard to top.  However, I’ve since been fortunate enough to steer the agency through a name change, two global acquisitions and mergers and several agency of the year awards.  I feel very privileged and humbled to now lead over 300 super talented people across the country.  


How important is it to have a mentor?

I think having the right mentor is much more important than simply having one. I was fortunate to be able to work with someone who had over 15 years in advertising experience, a great empathy for people, excellent work/life balance and a sharp commercial lens, which has, with the power of hindsight, shaped me into the work colleague I am today.


What do you love most about your profession?

We’re at a bloody exciting time in our industry.  Digital has truly transformed the way organisations grow their business and engage their customers. We’ve moved from creating beautiful campaigns and platforms that help brand sell products and services, to creating the products and services for brands in the digital economy. Plus, I get to work with some of the most talented, inspiring, frustrating and entertaining people in business.


What would your advice be for anyone wanting to excel within a digital agency?

Be a sponge, never feel comfortable, learn constantly, create momentum, be humble.



Konrad at a team launch for the new Isobar Melbourne office.


What are your three top tips for career success?

1. Be yourself. everyone can spot a phony and you’ll just come unstuck if you are.

2. Make it happen. Have a crack but make sure you deliver on your promises. 

3. Surround yourself with smart people. You’ll never be able to figure everything out yourself. Ask for help, admit your mistakes, collaborate always.


Konrad Spilva is a graduate of RMIT's Bachelor of Business Marketing, (2000). Konrad is willing to answer your questions about starting a new business. Find him in the Members section.

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"Surround yourself with smart people – you’ll never be able to figure everything out yourself. Ask for help, admit your mistakes, collaborate always." - Konrad Spilva is an Intrapreneur and the CEO of Isobar Australia
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