Courtney Holm

Courtney Holm is the founder of Article. by Courtney Holm (ABCH). ABCH is an Australian menswear label made distinct by its assimilation of cutting-edge street style, functional sportswear elements and tailoring details. ABCH was created in 2013 from a desire to create fresh and inspirational menswear in Australia.


Where did you get the idea for your business?

The idea for ABCH was born of a love for designing fresh apparel that challenges the norms of fashion for men. Although locally made was always an integral part of the business idea, it is only recently that I have decided to make sustainability and ethical sourcing the cornerstone of the business and to provide a tool to educate consumers and give them an ethical alternative they actually want to buy. 

How did you get your business started?

After interning and working with some really amazing labels such as Romance Was Born and Strateas Carlucci, I was accepted into the NEIS program where I started refining my business skills. I launched the first collection at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week in 2014 with a fashion film collaboration with Noel Smyth and showed my first garments for selling at Menske (a fashion and design project for quality Australian men’s goods). 


What lessons have you learned so far on your business journey?

I have learnt to listen to good advice, but also to trust my own instincts and expertise. 


How important for you has it been to have a mentor?

I think it is incredibly important to have someone there who you can ask advice of. I have had several mentors along the way and they usually come from a particular point of view, so it is good to have a few people that are from different industries, such as business, finance, fashion and marketing. 

What are your top 3 tips for starting a business?

1- Know your market and respond thoughtfully.

2- Choose people and sustainable business practices over profits.

3- Be an active part of your local community and industry. 


Courtney Holm is a graduate of the RMIT Certificate IV Small Business Management, Business (2013), she is willing to answer your questions about starting a new business. Find her in the Members section. 

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"I have learnt to listen to good advice, but also to trust my own instincts and expertise." - Courtney Holm
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