Christina Canters on how to Podcast

Christina Canters, previously profiled for her business 'The C Method' has started a new venture - Podcast Services Australia.


1. How did your new business come about?

I've been podcasting since 2013. My current podcast, Stand Out Get Noticed, is nearly at 1 million downloads as of December 2018, and it's been instrumental in helping grow my business and personal brand. People kept asking how I did it, and to run podcast workshops for their communities. My fiance, Aaron Heath, works in content redevelopment and is excellent at sales, so we thought we'd combine our superpowers and create Podcast Services Australia!


2. What is the best part about teaching people how to create a podcast?

Empowering people to share a message they're passionate about is very rewarding. It's also great to see people build confidence in their voices and in putting themselves out into the world! Also, many people don't realise what it takes to create a podcast that stands out, is engaging AND sustainable. There is a lot more to it than simply hitting 'record', so helping people to see the full picture and supporting them through the whole process is our other favourite part.


3. What in your opinion makes podcasts so relevant today?

Firstly, podcasts are very accessible. All you need is a smartphone and you're good to go – whether you're on the tram, in your car, walking the dog, or at the gym. No screen time means you can listen anywhere. Also, we're constantly bombarded with written messages - people receive mountains of emails and trawling through pages of impersonal written content is no longer viable for many. Podcasts are a unique medium that 'cuts through' this noise, as they are very engaging, and (when done well) provide an intimate listening experience - where you feel like you're connected to the host. 


4. In what ways can creating podcasts help organisations?

There are many organisations now creating podcasts as an additional communication channel, both internally and externally. Organisations are realising that the way people consume and engage with content is changing, and they need to get on board. Some benefits for organisations include:

- Increased trust in the organisation
- Higher levels of engagement with staff and external stakeholders

- Establish the hosts as credible experts in their field

- Differentiate the organisation from competitors

- Show a more 'human' and 'personal' side to the organisation

- Better communication between departments, or between management levels

- Be seen as a valued 'go to' resource 

- Give staff a voice and be heard

- Increased visibility in the marketplace through access to millions of existing listeners in iTunes and other podcast directories




Christina Canters is a graduate of the RMIT Certificate IV in Small Business Management and a major prize winner of the RMIT Business Plan Competition. Christina Canters is also the host of the popular podcast Stand Out Get Noticed at The C Method

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