Travis Sutherland, digital media maestro for Discovery Inc.

Travis Sutherland is a digital media maestro who has developed multiple Video on Demand (VOD) applications for content powerhouses such as NBCUniversal, Sky (Europe) and Channel 5 in the UK. Currently, he is the Vice President of Product and Technology for Dplay, the flagship VOD application for Discovery Inc. An Agile evangelist, Travis combines his knowledge of digital media consumption with progressive project management methodology to foster innovation at his workplace.


Tell us a little about what you do at Discovery Inc.

As the Vice President of Product and Technology for Dplay,  I head up a team of Product Owners, Business Analysts, Project Managers, UX and Designers, and Application Developers, distributed across Europe. This means I spend a lot of time in places such as Milan, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Barcelona, and to meet up with the domestic Discovery teams in New York and LA.


What are you currently working on?

My team is currently working on a re-imagining of our VOD App which includes a more intelligent and research based approach to our user experience, as well as a much more pragmatic, componentised technical solution to increase our scalability. We are planning to have an increased presence in the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) market within the next 18 months.


What is the most memorable thing that you learnt while studying your Masters of Commerce at RMIT?

In a practical sense, the most important thing I learnt was accounting as it applies to business, project and budgets. However, what stood out the most for me was the variety of subjects to choose from, all of which I have found myself drawing upon during various stages of my career, sometimes very unexpectedly.


What advice would you give to your 20 year old self?

Follow your interests, and not just what you think will make you money. If you are professionally fulfilled, the money will come.


What are 3 tips you would offer anyone wanting to work in your industry?

You will never be the finished article, so don’t stop upskilling. Keep informed because there is always something new to learn in this industry.
This field is exceptionally diverse. Don’t be too quick to pigeonhole yourself as you will use a combination of everything you’ve learnt along the way the longer you stay in this field and this could send you on a new path.
Hone your problem solving skills. The more autonomously you can work, the greater impact you will have on your team.


Travis Sutherland studied the RMIT Masters of Commerce 

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"You will never be the finished article, so don’t stop upskilling. " - Travis Sutherland
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