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When Ingrid Mihelyi was deciding what to study at university she knew that she wanted to do advertising, what she wasn’t sure of was whether the creative or business side would be best. In the end she went with the latter, and perusing her impressive resume all these years later it was clearly the right decision.




“While I was doing my undergraduate I got a few little internships at some of the smaller advertising agencies and then I got a job at News Corp as a coordinator in the media sales team,” says Ingrid. “I was there for six years -- it was a pretty long stint but it was a great culture … and I had the opportunity to work in several roles.”

Towards the end of her time at News Corp Ingrid decided that she was ready to take a career break, spending five months traveling across Europe. Before leaving she had made her peace with the possibility of coming back to an uncertain future, but fate (and solid industry contacts) intervened.




“A friend was working at Moxie as the Brand Manager and recommended me for an opening there … I did a skype interview on my iPad in a hostel in Nice and was still offered the job,” laughs Ingrid. "It was really unexpected. I’d left thinking I just needed to go away and have this experience. But by the time I came back … everything just fell into place.”

For Ingrid, going from a large organisation like News Corp to working within a team of six was a huge change. “A big company has its advantages in terms of training, you really learn your role. But a small company exposes you to lots of other skills. You have to be able to make something out of nothing. I think it’s good to understand both sides of the business,” explains Ingrid.


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After working as Moxie’s National Sales Manager for just under two years, a shift in circumstances saw Ingrid move to Bauer Media, although a great company she was looking to expand her experience from print media.

Ingrid resolved to take the time to find the right position, and it wasn’t long before it became available in the form of Nova’s Agency Senior Sales Executive. The role offered her the chance to pursue her love of media with the added bonus of being a part of a big corporation with the vibe of a business much smaller.


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“The number one thing for [Nova] is people, the culture and encouraging individuality, which makes it such a great place to work at.”

“My first week I was more myself than I have ever been,” Ingrid continues. “I was just immediately comfortable and felt part of the team… there’s a tradition here that when you finish your first day you get a huge applause as you walk out the building. It just highlights the energy of the team environment here which is very unique. 

Every day at Nova is different. Heading up a team of three, Ingrid’s job is to look after the media agency relationships and the clients that they look after. The central goal is to work with brands to create content and positive brand experiences through talent, broadcast, podcast, social, digital, in-store and events … so it’s quite diverse,” says Ingrid.




“For me, my passion in terms of work is more the creative and strategic side. I think it’s the difficult briefs … the ones that challenge you are what spark your creativity. That’s definitely what I love about the role as well as the people. Since moving into a management role I’ve really enjoyed the coaching and development side to ensure my team members achieve their professional and personal goals, which is very rewarding.

Ingrid’s advice for anyone wanting to step into her shoes someday is to have the right attitude and use your networks. “In this industry, if you can see the right traits, there’s a lot of things you can teach …. but you can’t teach attitude,” says Ingrid. “Doing work experience and building your own brand is invaluable, it makes people want to give you a go. Also, the media industry is really small. Everybody knows everybody so building your network is essential to help you secure the right opportunities as people want to work with good people.”

Ingrid continues. “Most of all, ask questions. We are always learning and trying new things. Be willing to give things a go and open to failure, learn from it and try a different approach next time.”


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Ingrid completed the RMIT Advanced Diploma of Business (Advertising)

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"Be willing to give things a go and open to failure, learn from it and try a different approach next time." - Ingrid Mihelyi
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