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Tania Reaburn is proof that nothing in this world can take the place of persistence and determination. Currently the acting CFO of the Department of Treasury and Finance in Victoria, Tania is no stranger to curveballs – in fact, overcoming some tough ones early on in life cemented a fundamental part of Tania's personality: to never give up. 



"It's an important part of my journey ... I passed [VCE] through special consideration but I didn't initially get into university," explains Tania. "I was in a difficult situation ... but I didn't give up. I ended up starting a Diploma of Accounting and after one year I transferred to a Bachelor of Business."

While she was studying Tania began working full-time for a printing company in Moreland. After only a year there the company was bought out by the Heidelberg Graphic Group, but for Tania this turned out to be a fortuitous turn of events. After completing her degree they offered her a position as the Head of Finance for the group in New Zealand at only 25-years-old, and then, just over two years later, they brought her over to Germany to work as an International Financial Controller. 

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"I had a very fast-tracked career from a very young age and working in a male-dominated industry," says Tania. "Now I look at the youth of today and ... it's so much more competitive. I feel for the people in business school. My advice is ... it's not about how academically smart you are, it's about your messaging and your ability to problem solve."

Tania's career has spanned nearly 18 years in state government, and, prior to that, over a decade in the private sector. Initially she had no intention of staying in a government organisation for any significant length of time – it was merely a stepping stone to re-entering the Australian job market after living overseas for several years. But after being offered a great work-life balance and, after 12 months, landing a position as the youngest director of what was then called the Department of Infrastructure, Victoria, she decided to stay.


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Over the years Tania has worked in several different roles, and then three years ago she joined the Department of Treasury and Finance, Victoria. Currently the acting CFO, this year Tania has had the privilege of presenting her first signed Annual Report – which has since been tabled in Parliament. Speaking to Tania it's clear that this is an achievement she's very proud of, and considering the amount of work both Tania and her team have put into the extensive document, that's not at all surprising.

However, for Tania, the best part of her job is the people. "A big part of what [I] do, especially in a management role, is making sure that people are being acknowledged for their good work and are having some fun," says Tania. "When I went for my job interview in Germany they asked me: 'Tania, what are your ambitions?' and I said: 'to be happy'. But happiness is a product of everything you do ... and that's what I strive for."


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Tania Reaburn completed the RMIT Bachelor of Business (Accountancy).

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"It's not about how academically smart you are, it's about your messaging and your ability to problem solve" - Tania Reaburn.
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